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With the table below, you can easily make a calculation for heating a standard production hall.
Starting points and points for attention:
  • Daylight in wall and/or roof approx. 15%. Floor construction concrete on sand.
  • Take into account extraction systems, scaffolding and crane gantries.
  • Consider the number and position of service doors.
  • Note any heat gains from machinery and lighting.
  • All capacities (in kW) apply at an indoor temperature of 15°C and an outdoor temperature of -10°C.
  • For each degree Celsius more or less, the output must be corrected by 4.0%.
Calculation example for air heaters
Volume: 5,000 m³
Height: 6 meters
Insulation value: Rc = 2.5
Desired indoor temperature: 17°C
  • The heating capacity table shows under Rc = 2.5 and a capacity 5,000 m³ 80 kW (at 15°C).
  • To achieve a room temperature of 17°C, the required capacity is: 80 kW + (2 × 4.0%) = 86.5 kW.
  • Read off the required circulation volume: minimum 15,000 m/h.
  • Depending on the layout of the hall, divide the power between 1 or more air heaters. This gives better heat distribution.