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Calamities such as fire, flood and power failure always come unexpectedly and none of us are actually prepared for them. CSrental offers unique calamity support in case such a calamity happens to you.

Has a calamity occurred and you need an immediate solution? Then contact us at: +31 (0)161 49 34 60 (choose option 1)

Fire damage

No matter how big or small a fire is, it is always very annoying and can unfortunately have major consequences. Besides the damage from the fire itself, there is often also water damage from extinguishing the fire. With our fans, dust, ash and odours can be removed by air circulation. The various dryers can limit water damage if deployed quickly.

Water damage

Water damage due to a burst water pipe, a faulty sewer, extinguishing after a fire or excess moisture in a room? If you deploy a dryer quickly and purposefully, the damage remains limited and you can get back to work quickly.

Power failure

These days, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without electricity. Without power, many tools can no longer be used, equipment comes to a standstill, computers no longer work, servers no longer function, making data inaccessible, etc. If it is a temporary power failure, it will be solved quickly enough by the power company, but what if something is actually seriously damaged and it will take longer? CSrental supplies generators of various capacities depending on your needs. We can supply this equipment directly and help on site to determine the optimal solution and its implementation.