Adsorption dryer MDC 160

The MDC 160 is designed for general purposes such as dehumidifying…

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Dry air volume (nominal) 160 m³/h at 130 Pa

Regeneration air 45 m³/h at 80 Pa



The MDC 160 is designed for general purposes such as room air dehumidification and process drying. The compact construction allows longer periods of use with a minimum of maintenance. Especially suitable for use in low temperatures and low humidity.

Minimum rental period: 7 days

Amount of dry air (nominal)160 m³/h, at 130 Pa

Regeneration air volume 45 m³/h, at 80 Pa

Dehumidification capacity at 20 °C / 60% R.H. 14.4 kg / 24 h

Power input 1 kW / 4.6 A

Plug connection CEE 7/7 type E/F

Connection voltage230 V / 50 Hz


Noise level 55 dB(A)

Mobility portable

Dimensions L x W x H305 x 305 x 375 mm

Weight11 kg

Process air hose connection100 mm

Regeneration air hose connection60 mm


In polluted environments where the adsorption dryer is active, it is essential to change the filters regularly. This ensures that the adsorption dryer continues to function optimally.

Before commissioning the adsorption dryer, survey the room and take any measures where necessary. The adsorption dryer must not be used in:

  • Environments where particles, gas, smoke and the like may be sucked in due to negative pressure created, which may adversely affect chimneys, furnaces or other similar equipment;
  • In areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere;
  • In rooms with an aggressive atmosphere (which is e.g. caused by chemicals);
  • In rooms containing water with a pH value below 7.0 or above 7.4;
  • In areas with salt or liquids with a salt content > 1% e.g. salt baths;
  • In humid areas of indoor swimming pools;
  • In rooms with ozone-treated air, high solvent concentra
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