Air purifier TTV 2500 S + CFK 30

A combination air purifier that consists of the fan the TTV 2500 S and the CFK 30



This combination is our latest solution for cleaning polluted air in tight spaces. The filter box is easily connected to the fan by the supplied hose of only 50 cm.

Minimum rental: 7 days

Hose connection300 mm

Dimensions L x W x H1110 x 660 x 620 mm

Weight29 kg

Customised filters for the right conditions

The special thing about the CFK 30 is that it can be adapted to the work on site. A filter combination can be put together for different applications. For example, for excellent dust control during construction and renovation work, a combination of a coarse dust cassette filter Coarse 85% and a fine dust filter ePM 1-85% or a bag filter ePM 2.5-70% for fine dust should be chosen.

Do you want to carry out renovation work in a hospital, a nursing home, in schools or in the food industry? Then the filter box can, for example, be assembled with a coarse dust cassette filter Coarse 85%, a fine dust filter ePM 1-85% and a HEPA filter H13. In addition, the filter box can be expanded with a carbon filter to combat unpleasant odors in the renovation sector, construction and industry.


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