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ATEX LED lamp tube 42V

The ATEX LED lamp tube 42V is the optimal lighting solution for an ATEX zone…

Featured specs
2 variants, Suitable for zones 1, 2, 21 & 22
Light intensity 4,000 lumens



The ATEX LED lamp tube 42V is the optimal lighting solution for an ATEX zone. CSrental introduces tubular lamps certified for ATEX zones 1, 2, 21, and 22. These ATEX LED lamp tube 42V are available in two variants: one with a brightness of 2,825 lumens, and another with 5,650 lumens.

These ATEX LED lamp tube 42V can be interconnected in groups of up to 10 units, allowing for sufficient illumination in workplaces within hazardous EX zones.
The ATEX LED lamp tube 42V can be equipped with magnet clips, facilitating easy installation of the lamps at desired locations.

For temporary climate solutions for business, industry, construction and ATEX environments, CSrental B.V. is the place to be.
CSrental B.V. has professional consultants who can work with you to find the best rental solution for your business.
Call or email us for a customized quote.

Minimum rental period: 7 days

ATEX code 1 & 2 II 2G Ex IIC T4 Gb

ATEX code 21 & 22 II 2D Ex tb IIIC T90°C Db


1 LED Tube ± 2,825 lumen

2 LED Tubes ± 5,650 lumen

Color temperature 5,000 K +/- 10%

Beam angle 180°

Protection class IP 66

Connection voltage:

1 LED Tube25 W 42 V AC/DC

2 LED Tubes50 W 42 V AC/DC

Frequency 0 – 50 – 60 Hz

Power cable L = 5 m, reinforced, braided

Temperature range -20 to +40°C

Lifespan of LED +/- 50,000 hours


1 LED Tube 650 x Ø 115 mm

2 LED Tubes 1,100 x Ø 115 mm


1 LED Tube 2,7 kg

2 LED Tubes 4,3 kg

Plug 42V / 16A


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