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Blowout Cabinet CSFC-50

The Blowout Cabinet CSFC-50 can be used for both chilled and heated water…

Featured specs
Cooling capacity max. 50 kW
Air flow max. 5.000 m³/u



The Blowout Cabinet CSFC-50 can be used for both chilled and heated water. The air treatment unit ensures that air is blown into the room. This allows you to optimally control the indoor climate. The convenience of the Blowout Cabinet CSFC-50 is that it can be placed both inside and outside in the room to be cooled/heated.

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Minimum rental period: 7 days

Cooling capacity max. 50 kW at + 32 / 12 and 6°C

Heating capacity 100 kW at + 90 / 110 °C

Air flow Variable up to 5.000 m³/u

Water supply connection 2″ Bauer

Condensate pump Yes

Maximum working pressure 6 bar

Hose connection 500 mm

Air outlet four-sided top box

Connection voltage 230V RA

Voltage 230V

Maximum power consumption 7,9 A

Noise level 80 dB(A) (@ 3 m)

Dimensions L x W x H 1.300 mm x 790 mm x 1.850 mm

Weight 290 kg

Mobility Forklift / crane


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