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Brazed Heat exchanger PBF8M-5

De Brazed warmtewisselaar PBF8M-5 heeft 4 aansluitingen; 2 aan de linkerkant en 2 aan de rechterkant, ook wel warme kant of koude kant genoemd…

Uitgelichte specificaties: Van 1 kW – 1,5 Mw


The brazed heat exchanger PBF8M-5 has 4 connections; 2 on the left side and 2 on the right side, also called warm side or cold side.

On the warm side is the medium which will cool down, think of oil, (tap)water, salt water or another medium. On the cold side is the medium that absorbs heat from the hot side without coming into contact with each other. Usually this is glycol or water, which is cooled by a chiller or drycooler.

These brazed heat exchangers are also found in a central heating boiler and can therefore also be used to heat water for mobile showers.

To guarantee your desired temperatures, it is important to contact one of our advisors. A number of details will be required to choose a heat exchanger that suits your needs.

Any heat exchangers you can rent from us:

From 1Kw – 1.5Mw:

-Brazed heat exchangers.


-Plate exchangers


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Technical information:

Version: brazed
Max. work pressure: 25 bar
Max. work temperature: -10°C tot +180°C
Weight without joints: 1,7 kg
Thread: G3/4″
Joints: Optional