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Heat exchangers

Our heat exchangers are available in all shapes and sizes to meet all applications. Consider heating or cooling (tap) water, oil, salt water, etc. that may not pass directly through the cooling or heating system. The exchanger provides heat/cold transfer from one medium without coming into contact with another medium.

A heat exchanger is calculated at several key points; incoming temperature and outgoing temperature hot side. Incoming temperature and outgoing temperature cold side. In addition, the flow rate of the medium is important.

Before renting a heat exchanger, it is advisable to discuss the possibilities with one of our consultants and have a calculation made to provide certainty of your desired temperatures.

There is a solution for every application.

Any heat exchangers you can rent from us:

From 1Kw – 1.5Mw:

-Brazed heat exchangers.


-Plate exchangers


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