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Monoblock airconditioning PAC-3500

The easy to install Monoblock airconditioning PAC-3500 provides cool air in offices…

Featured specs
Cooling capacity max. 3.5 kW / 11942 BTU
Air output max. 440 m³/u


The easy to install Monoblock airconditioning PAC-3500 provides cool air in offices, server rooms and stand construction. The air-cooled air conditioner cools the air, dehumidifies the room and filters the air. This creates a pleasant room climate.

A mobile air conditioner must exhaust hot air to the outside through the air outlet hose. Therefore, always place the air conditioner near a window that can be opened or an outside door. We also offer the option of purchasing an airlock that you can attach to the window with velcro. Through the opening you feed the hose for hot air extraction.

The Monoblock airconditioning PAC-3500 has a cooling capacity of 3.5 kW / 11942 BTU and can cool a room of approximately 115m³. The temperature and fan speeds are easily set by the control panel on the device. This can also be used to set the desired temperature.

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Minimum rental period: 7 days

Cooling capacity max.3.5 kW / 11942 BTU

Cooling medium air

Hot air outlet ø 125 mm – max. 1.25 m

Environmental conditions16 to 32 °C

Air output max.440 m³ / h

Connection voltage 230V / 50 Hz

Fuse protection 10A

Input power / max. 1.35 kW / 1.48 kW

Temperature controlinternal thermostat

Timer function24 h timer

Noise level max.54 dB (A)

Mobility moveable

Dimensions L x W x H 388 mm x 435 mm x 770 mm

Weight 32.5 kg


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