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Condenser dryer DF-800

The condenser dryer DF-800 is a compact and powerful building dryer that is able to quickly dehumidify the room even at lower temparatures…

Featured specs
Air volume 1.600 m³/h
Maximum capacity 150 l / 24 h



The condenser dryer DF-800 is a compact and powerful building dryer that is able to quickly dehumidify the room even at lower temparatures.

This condenser dryer has a hose drain that can be connected to a permanent ground floor drain. Through the use of an external pump box, it can accommodate height differences of up to 5 meters

The DF-800 condenser dryer is ideally suited for cleaning and water damage and is easy to move due to its light weight.

In combination with a fan, the drying process can be accelerated by another 50% because of the strong airflow along walls, floors and ceilings, causing the moisture to evaporate faster.

In low temperatures and therefore a cold house, we recommend installing a building dryer in combination with a heater. This ensures that more moisture is extracted from the room.

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Minimum rental period: 7 days

Air volume 1.600 m³/h

Maximum capacity 155 l / 24 h

Suitable for rooms up to 800 m³ (building drying)

1.600 m³ (keep dry)

Temperature range 5 to 35°C

Operating Range 35 to 100 % R.H.

Connection voltage 230V / 50 Hz

Power consumption avg. / max. 2.1 kW

Recommended fuse 16A

Noise level @ 3 m60 dB (A)

Mobility moveable

Plug 230V / 50 Hz

Dimensions L x W x H 585 x 630 x 1020 mm

Weight 66 kg


In a condensation dryer, the moist air is cooled using the evaporator section of a closed refrigeration system. The condensation dryer contains an odourless, flammable refrigerant that can cause fires and explosions if handled incorrectly. The refrigerant circuit is under pressure. Therefore, do not use objects to speed up the defrosting process. Do not store the dehumidifier in areas with permanent ignition sources, for example; open fire, working gas appliances or electric heaters.

The condenser dryer must not be used in:

  • In rooms with a potentially explosive atmosphere;
  • In rooms with an aggressive atmosphere (e.g. caused by chemicals);
  • In rooms containing water with a pH value below 7.0 or above 7.4;
  • In areas with salt or liquids with a salt content > 1%, e.g. salt baths;
  • In rooms with ozone-treated air, high solvent concentrations or high dust emissions.


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