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Condenser dryer

What is a condenser dryer?

A condenser dryer is a machine that provides air dehumidification. An industrial condenser dryer can be used as a temporary or stationary solution for environments where moisture problems occur. CSrental has different versions of the condenser dryer that can be rented. The range consists of different variants of the condensation dryer. The condensation dryers have a capacity of 2,200 m³/h to 5,000 m³/h. A steel frame makes the condensation dryers suitable for rental.

How does a condenser dryer work?

In condenser dryers, the air drawn in and humidified is cooled by means of the evaporator part of a closed refrigeration system. Cooling causes the relative humidity of the air to rise above 100%. As a result, the water vapor condenses. The condensed water is discharged to a reservoir or a hose to the outside.

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Water quality requirements condenser dryer

Certain water quality requirements are important for using the condenser dryer. This is because in a condenser dryer, the sucked and humid air is cooled using the evaporator portion of a closed refrigeration system. The condenser dryer contains an odorless, flammable refrigerant that can lead to fires and explosions if handled improperly and without regard to water quality requirements. The refrigerant circuit is under pressure. Therefore, do not use objects to speed up the defrosting process either. Do not store the dehumidifier in areas with permanent ignition sources, for example: open flames, working gas appliances or electric heaters.

The condenser dryer must not be used in:

  • Rooms with a potentially explosive atmosphere;
  • Areas with an aggressive atmosphere (e.g. caused by chemicals);
  • Rooms containing water with a pH value below 7.0 or above 7.4;
  • Areas containing salt or liquids with a salt content > 1%, e.g. salt baths;
  • Rooms with ozone treated air, high solvent concentrations or high dust emissions.


Application dehumidification condenser dryer

Condenser dryers can be used in a variety of dehumidification applications. It is important to perform an accurate calculation of the dehumidification capacity, especially for larger rooms or complicated climatic environmental conditions.

Applications for the industrial condenser dryer:

  • Prevention of condensation in loading/unloading areas -think of cold stores where temperatures below -15°C occur;
  • Production, and storage areas (also plants with specific humidity requirements);
  • Corrosion prevention in switchgear plants, boiler plants, tubines and pipelines;
  • Industrial process and product drying, room dehumidification;
  • Protection of tanks and ships from corrosion;
  • Dehumidification in water technology facilities and prevention of condensation.