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CSV 12 Venturi

Featured specifications
Air flow @ 7 bar: 3.060 m³/h
Air consumption @ 7 bar: 87 m³



An electrical grounding or static ground is attached to the bottom of this air blower CSV 12. Whenever this Venturi fan is used in a volatile atmosphere, a grounding wire must be connected to discharge any static electricity and prevent the buildup of static electricity. CSrental pneumatic air blowers have no moving parts and are ideal for venting hazardous areas. The base of the venturi is made of high-quality aluminum alloy.

Minimal rental period: 7 days

Air flow @ 7 bar3.060 m³/h

Air consumption @ 7 bar87 m³

Connection voor air supply ½ inch Ludecke coupling

Air inlet diameter167 mm

Dimensions L x W x H 775 x 186 x 178 mm

Weight4 kg


  • Petroleum processing;
  • Refineries and chemicals;
  • Power plants;
  • Steel industry;
  • Shipyards;
  • Maritieme industry.


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