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The available filters are shown in the table below.

Class Width Height Thickness
Interplate coarse dust filter 85% G4 594mm 594mm 45mm
G4 288mm 288mm 45mm
G4 455mm 455mm 24mm
Coarse dust bag filter 65% G4 592mm 592mm 360mm
G4 455mm 455mm 180mm
G4 288mm 288mm 360mm
Interplate particulate filter ePM 2,5-70%
Interplate particulate filter ePM 1-85%
F7 592mm 592mm 48mm
F7 288mm 288mm 48mm
F9 592mm 592mm 48mm
F9 455mm 455mm 22mm
F9 288mm 288mm 48mm
Fine dust bag filter ePM 2,5-70%
Fine dust bag filter ePM 1-85%
F7 592mm 592mm 600mm
F7 455mm 455mm 180mm
F7 288mm 288mm 600mm
F9 592mm 592mm 600mm
Carbon cassette filter Carbon 594mm 594mm 45mm
Carbon 455mm 455mm 22mm
Carbon 292mm 292mm 45mm
Carbon Cartridges Carbon 455/25mm 145mm 25mm
HEPA filter E10 594mm 594mm 45mm
H13 594mm 594mm 292mm
G4 288mm 288mm n.n.b.
ATEX filter F7 594mm 594mm 635mm
F7 288mm 288mm 635mm