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Chiller CSC-160

The Chiller CSC-160 is equipped with environmentally friendly technology that ensures maximum…

Featured Specs

Cooling capacity at +12 / 6°C max. 160 kW

Connection voltage 400V / 125A – 5 pin



The Chiller CSC-160 chiller is equipped with environmentally friendly technology that ensures maximum efficiency with minimal electricity consumption and meets the latest technical requirements. By means of pipes and accessories, the Chiller CSC-160 can be connected to almost any existing system or process.

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Minimum rental period: 7 days

Cooling capacity at +12 / 6°C max. 160 kW

Internal buffer tank 678 L

Coupling 4″ Bauer

Max. power consumption 119 A

Power consumption (pump)5,5 kW

Flow rate(pump) min. / max. 12,5 / 56 m³/u

Connection voltage 400V / 125A – 5 pin

Noise level 62,2 dB (at 10 m)

Dimensions L x W x H 3.950 mm x 1.420 mm x 2.610 mm

Weight 2.264 kg excluding liquids

Mobility Forklift / crane

Water quality requirements

When using water as a secondary fluid, the quality of the water must meet the requirements specified in the table below.

Parameter Value
pH Between 7 – 9
Electrical conductivity 100 – 700 µS/cm
Solphates SO4- < 100 mg/l
Bicarbonate HCO3- < 200 mg/l
Cloride C1- < 50 mg/l
Phosphate PO4 3- < 2 mg/l
Carbon dioxide CO² < 5 mg/l
Oxigen O2 < 0,1 mg/l
Nitrates NO3- < 5 mg/l
Ammonia NH3 Absent
Hydrogen sulfide H2S Absent
Chlorite Absent
Free chlorine < 0,2 mg/l

The following liquids are strictly prohibited:

– Demineralised water;
– Distilled water;
– Sea water;
– Other liquids that differ from the standard Ethylene/Propylene glycol.


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