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CKV-5 carbon module

The CKV-5 carbon module is an activated carbon filter for temporary filtration…

Featured specs: Selection point 450 m³ at 8100 PA


The CKV-5 carbon module is an activated carbon filter for temporary filtration.

Activated carbon is used when contamination cannot be captured with particulate filters. Examples include solvents, odour molecules and gases in containers.

By passing the polluted air through the activated carbon, the pollution is absorbed by the carbon. Due to its open structure, the carbon has a high dirt-adsorbing capacity.

If an electricity supply is used, such as a aggregate, it will have to be suitable for frequency control.

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Minimum rental period: 7 days


Air flow max. 500 m³/h

Air pressure max. 9000 Pa

Selection point 450 m³ at 8100 PA

Air temperatue max. 80°C

Connection voltage 400V / 50 Hz

Rated power consumption 3 kW

Recommended fuse 16A

Plug connection 400V / 16A 5-pin

Fan speed frequency controlled

Noise level 80 dB(A) @ 1,5 m.

Air connection See design

IP classIP 55


Volume 220 liter

Connection 100 mm

Maximum pressure 10.000 Pa


Dimensions L x W x H1.750 x 980 x 1.220

Weight 290 kg

Mobility Forklift


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In carbon plants, we deal with large pressure differences that can only be achieved with special fans. This is why CSrental has chosen a high-pressure fan that can be easily connected to a 200-litre drum of activated carbon. Quick to install and easy to operate. The frequency-controlled fan means you always have the right flow rate within the available range.

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The absorption capacity of the carbon can be improved by treating the activated carbon. Once the carbon is saturated, it can be easily drained and regenerated for reuse. Using a 200-litre drum, changing is done in 15 minutes.

What problem is solved?
Activated carbon removes pollution that cannot be captured by a particle filter. We supply activated carbon that is used for odour and odour control and in the purification of liquids and gases. The available carbon with the corresponding pressure drop can be seen in the table below.

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