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Filter box CFK-140 P

The filter box CFK-140 P is suitable for a maximum air flow of approx. 15,000 m³ per hour. The cabinet is suitable…

Featured specs: Air capacity max. approx. 15,000 m³/h


The filter box CFK-140 P is suitable for a maximum air flow of approx. 15,000 m³ per hour. The cabinet is suitable for various configurations and can therefore be used as a dust filter cabinet, as an odor cabinet through the carbon filters and as an absolute filter through the HEPA filters. Due to these options, the filter box CFK-140 P can be used for many applications.

Areas of application include industrial work, construction and renovation work, blasting work, etc.

The capacity strongly depends on which filters are used. Also, we can offer a fan with this filter box. Let one of our advisers inform you about this.

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Minimum rental period: 7 days

Air capacity max.approx. 15,000 m³/h

Dimensions L x W x H 1,330 x 1,690 x 1,530 mm

Weight 315 kg

Hose connection ø 600 mm

Filter structure can be adapted to demand

Mobility Movable


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    The available filters are shown in the table below.

    Class Width Height Thickness
    Interplate coarse dust filter 85% G4 594mm 594mm 45mm
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