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Air cleaning

CSrental offers solutions to a temporary problem dealing with hazardous materials and poor air quality.
For example, there are air purifiers that can be fitted with coarse dust filters, pleated filters, bag filters and HEPA filters. This allows different configurations to be made from filters with class G4 to HEPA H13.

In addition to these air purifiers, CSrental also has odor filter cabinets in its delivery program. With this, different compositions can also be made with the additional extension, the active carbon filters. In addition, it is possible to rid the air of pollution and odors by using ozone purifiers. The air is thus cleaned in a different way, which in some cases require a different approach.

For construction – during demolition work – dust filter bags are used that are connected to our fans.

Where construction or renovation is taking place, it is always extremely dusty and this load not only harms the employees, but also the occupants of adjoining areas. High dust concentrations can arise not only when using angle grinders, blasting, chiseling or demolition work, but also when mixing dry mortar or tile adhesive.

The dust from quartz bearing stones, man-made mineral fibres, wood, cellulose and asbestos are particularly dangerous. In addition, depending on the damage pattern, there is an additional load of spores, allergens and microfibers. The filter units of the TAC series are the optimal solution for this. These devices – with a robust metal housing – are specially designed for the demanding work on construction sites.

Their combined flexible filters make it possible to apply the optimum filter chain for each degree of load.

Scented cabinets
CSrental’s fragrance cabinets can be equipped with different filters from G4 to HEPA H13. The fragrance cabinet can also be equipped with active carbon filters. Active carbon filters work on the basis of the absorption technique and have an open structure and a relatively large surface area for the gases to adhere to. Activated carbon filters are therefore very suitable for gases that cannot be oxidized, such as hydrocarbons, solvents and organic gases.
(impregnated) activated carbon filters are extremely suitable for:

  • Removing Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Sulfur Oxide (SO2), Ammonia (NH3), Mercury (Hg) and Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) from the air. This is just a small selection of gases that can be filtered by activated carbon filters.
  • Filtering volatile organic compounds that are common in kitchen smells and slaughter smells.
  • Filtering biogases and biogas applications with little or no oxygen

Activated carbon filters are often used for:

  • airports
  • libraries
  • catering
  • cleanrooms
  • industry