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Good ventilation is important for a pleasant working climate. By ventilating rooms, harmful substances such as paint and varnish fumes, dust particles, welding fumes, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor are removed.

Possibilities of using fans for aerating and venting:

  • welding work;
  • dust extraction;
  • tank cleanings;
  • sewage work;
  • excavation of contaminated soil;
  • combating choking hazards;
  • after fire damage;
  • house aeration;
  • temporary storage of agricultural products;
  • ventilation of tunnels and canals;
  • underground garages and cellars;
  • rapid drying of lawns;
  • extra air movement when using construction dryer;

For an accurate calculation of the required ventilation capacity, especially for large room volumes or complicated climatic environmental conditions, please contact our specialist consultants. If desired, we analyze the individual needs on location, determine the specific device needs and work out a customized project solution. We have ventilators available on demand for almost any requirement, in the required quantities.

More information about the fans below:

Axial fans have a high air output with a relatively low pressure. As a result, they move a lot of air and are ideal for optimizing an indoor climate.
Radial fans have a lower air flow rate at a high pressure. This makes it possible to move air over a longer distance through air transport hoses. CSrental has a wide range of axial fans and radial fans with various capacities.
With axial and radial fans in all required power classes and capacities, CSrental offers the ideal fan for every application.

Ventilation can be done in different ways:
natural ventilation / uncontrolled ventilation
mechanical ventilation / controlled ventilation
deaeration / flushing

Ventilator for every need

CSrental supplies fans that are suitable for cooling tents, party rooms, showrooms, sports halls, theatres, meeting rooms, canteens, offices, etc. CSrental is also the leading supplier for ventilation for events, film and photo, for example for a summer breeze in the film or photo studio, a strong wind during TV recordings or for “drive” of cold air for promotional figures. There is an optimal fan for every need.

Calculate ventilation capacity

Roughly speaking, the required capacity can be calculated by multiplying the room volume by the air changes. The result of this calculation indicates the required amount of fans and air volume. Different calculation formulas apply to high-performance radial fans, as they are used for longer air transport distances. In calculating this, duct length and duct curvatures must be taken into account.