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The mobile heaters of CSrental BV are used in many sectors. Some examples of this are construction, industry, agriculture, horticulture and events. We distinguish a number of different categories. For example, there are diesel heaters that can be deployed quickly and usually have a large capacity. These are often used in construction, in agriculture and horticulture, but also at events.

Another type is the electric heater. Easy to install and produce very clean warm air. Capacities are up to 120 kW. Mobile boilers or electric boilers are often chosen for specialist heating. These heaters have more options by being part of the existing process and it is therefore also referred to as process heating.

Calculation of the heating capacity

With the table below you can easily make a calculation for heating a standard industrial hall. By applying the correct calculation, the right solution for heating can be offered.

Starting points and points of attention:

  • Daylight in wall and/or roof approx. 15%;
  • Floor structure concrete on sand;
  • Pay attention to extraction installations, racks and crane tracks;
  • Note the number and position of company doors;
  • Note any heat gain from machines and lighting;
  • All capacities (in kW) apply at an indoor temperature of 15°C and an outdoor temperature of -10°C;
  • For every degree Celsius more or less, the power must be corrected by 4.0%.

Calculation example air heaters

Volume: 5,000 m³ Height: 6 meters Insulation value: Rc = 2.5 Desired indoor temperature: 17°C
  • In the heating capacity table you can read under Rc = 2.5 and a capacity of 5,000 m³ 80 kW (at 15°C).
  • To achieve a room temperature of 17°C, the required power is: 80 kW + (2×4.0%) = 86.5 kW.
  • Read the required circulation quantity: at least 15,000 m³/h.
  • Depending on the layout of the hall, you divide the capacity over 1 or more air heaters. This gives a better heat distribution.

Calculation for customized heating

For an accurate calculation of the heating capacity, especially for large rooms or complicated air ducts, please contact CSrental. We at CSrental analyze the individual needs on location, determine the specific device needs and work out a custom project solution.

Average monthly temperature
The table below shows the average monthly temperature. This gives you insight into which periods certain solutions can be important. In the colder months, heating/humidification may apply.