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Air that is too dry often appears to be the cause of symptoms such as: dry skin, headaches, chapped lips, lethargy and especially in contact lens wearers, dry and irritated eyes. In addition to these physical complaints, air that is too dry can also cause damage to wooden furniture, pianos and paintings. In computer rooms and telephone exchanges it can lead to electrostatic charges.
Humidifiers from CSrental are cold water evaporators. These humidifiers increase the humidity through natural evaporation of water. These humidifiers are ideal for the home, office or workplace where the humidity may not exceed 85%.

Use options for the humidifier:

  • printing companies
  • computer rooms
  • museums/archives
  • telephone exchanges
  • libraries
  • conference rooms
  • logistics centers
  • packaging machines

Calculation of humidification capacity

For an accurate calculation of the humidification capacity, especially for large room volumes or complicated climatic environmental conditions, please contact one of our consultants. If desired, we analyze the individual needs on location, determine the specific device needs and work out a customized project solution.

Type of humidifiers

Adiabatic humidifiers – also called cold water evaporators – work according to the evaporation principle. Limescale, condensation and/or over-humidification cannot occur here. With this type of humidifier, the water is sent to the filter via a circulation pump, which is then evenly sprayed and soaked. The incoming air is sent through the fan and through the wet filter and then blown out draught-free. A built-in hygrostat regulates the desired humidity.

Ultrasonic humidifiers work with vibrations and have a built-in water reservoir. The water is converted into mist by means of the vibrations (which cannot be heard or felt). This mist is then spread using a silent fan. The ultrasonic humidifiers continuously measure the current humidity using a built-in hygrostat and thus guarantee a stable level of humidity.

Steam humidifiers boil the water to create steam. This steam increases the humidity. Filters are not necessary for hygienic reasons with a steam humidifier, which makes it a low-maintenance device. With the help of a steam humidifier you can increase the humidity – in medium to large rooms – in a safe, fast and controlled way