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Mobile air conditioning rental?

Temporarily need a mobile air-conditioning unit in the summer during a heat wave? Or when a fixed installation fails? CSrental offers the right solution when temporary cooling is required. The mobile air conditioners, chillers and rooftop units make the temperature and humidity in the desired environment more comfortable. The advantage of this is that work can be carried out under normal conditions or production processes can continue to run normally and overheating can be prevented.

Custom temporary air conditioning / process cooling

Both temporary air conditioning and temporary process cooling can be rented at CSrental. The range is very broad and CSrental strives to find a suitable solution for every problem. Want to know more about the products CSrental offers or looking for a suitable solution? View the air conditioning range or contact us for customised temporary air conditioning and process cooling.

CSrental’s air conditioning and process cooling range consists of:

  • Air-cooled air conditioning;
  • Water-cooled air conditioning;
  • Chillers for process cooling;
  • Rooftop unit;
  • Cabinet chillers.

Air- and water-cooled air-conditioning

Air- and water-cooled air conditioners are accessible air conditioning units that can be deployed quickly and easily, in rooms where cooling is required.

The air-cooled air conditioner is a chiller without an outdoor unit. These monoblock air conditioners are suitable for applications where no outdoor unit needs to be placed. The air-cooled air conditioner only needs an air duct to the outside or a window.

Water-cooled air conditioners consist of two parts: an indoor and an outdoor unit. The units are connected by a water circulation pipe. With this installation of water-cooled air conditioners, it is possible to lay the piping through walls, across ceilings, through air ducts or across the ground without having to perform any cooling operations.

Chillers for process cooling

Chillers can be used in situations where process cooling is applicable. The chillers used for process cooling are equipped with environmentally-friendly technology.

Chillers are widely used in industries such as:

  • Technical installations of buildings where essential processes need to be safeguarded;
  • Plastics industry to reduce cooling times and increase production;
  • Metal and steel industry to achieve the right process temperature for machine tools such as cutting machines and loaders;
  • Chemical industry to ensure constant temperatures so that reactions proceed correctly.

Through piping and other complementary accessories, CSrental’s CSC chillers can be connected to almost any existing system or process.

Rooftop unit

CSrental’s rooftop units are user-friendly and are ideal for rental purposes. Thanks to the hose connections, the rooftop can be quickly connected to existing systems. Want to use several rooftop units? This is possible thanks to the stackable frame.

Why rent from CSrental?

CSrental is a specialist in climate solutions. CSrental adopts a solution-oriented approach with care and craftsmanship. Service and fast delivery are top priorities at CSrental. Besides air conditioning and process cooling, you can also find solutions for process drying, dust extraction, ventilation, heating or specific requests for hazardous areas.