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Evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers are often used in places where chillers or air conditioners are too expensive to operate. Because these spaces are too large or are not completely closed off, the use of evaporative coolers is a good alternative. These units are used at events, in tents, large halls for logistics purposes and warehouses. CSrental’s evaporative coolers can offer a solution in these situations. The units are filled with water, after which this water is distributed over a large filter via a built-in pump. The fan blows the moist air into the room. In this way, water is evaporated, which will lower the temperature by a few degrees.

These units are very effective for providing cool air in a small area. When you use an evaporative cooler, it is very important that the room has sufficient natural ventilation. In addition, we recommend that you do not use this equipment in areas where electronic or electrical equipment is stored or used.

We have the following 3 models of evaporative coolers in our rental fleet:

PC 240 for use in smaller workspaces, open plan offices, etc.
PC 250 for use in storage areas, sheds and tents;
PC 260 for use in storage areas, sheds and tents.

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